Lawn Maintenance

Our comprehensive maintenance programs are designed to meet your individual lawn care needs.  Our career employees are trained horticulture professionals who care about your lawn as much as you do.  Our employees are constantly updating their knowledge and skills to bring you the best lawn care.

We set ourselves apart from the competition, not only in the professionalism of our employees, but also in the products that we use. We use a slow release granular fertilizer for weed control. This is not only better for the environment, but also lasts longer and is more economical for you, our client, as it doesn’t require as many applications.

We don’t stop at just your lawn, we know your flower beds need to look wonderful too.  We can plant flowers and bulbs in the spring and dead head them at the end of the season too.


No matter your lawn care needs, give us a call today!

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Total Lawn Maintenance Program

We off custom programs to meet your lawn care needs, budget and desires.  Our Total Lawn Maintenance Program takes the worry out of weekly lawn care and maintenance.  You can be sure our professionals will “create a landscape that makes you PROUD!” This package includes:

  • Spring and Fall Clean-up with Power and Hand Raking
    • Spring Clean-up gives your lawn a fresh start and gets rid of “old man winter.” Leaves get hung up in gardens making it hard for plants to grow and thrive
    • Fall Clean-up prepares your lawn for the dormant stage in the winter
  • Premium Fertilizer and Pest Control Program
    • This 5 stage process is sure to keep your lawn looking great all season long
  • Regular, Professional Mowing
    • Including removal of weeds by hand, edging, and string trimming in tight spots
  • Shrub Care: Pruning, Trimming and Pest Control
    • This is not only good for appearance, but for the health of your shrubs.
  • Landscape Bed Care
    • Pulling weeds, removing debris
  • Deep Root Feeding
    • Keeps your plants healthy and strong
  • Leaf Removal
    • In the fall to keep your lawn nice and green for as long as possible

Premium Fertilizer and Pest Program

Part of our Total Lawn Maintenance, or available on its own, this program ensures the health and nutrition of your lawn.  This 5 step program includes:

  • Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Fall and Late Fall fertilizer and weed control applications
    • Slow release, granular fertilizer lasts longer than liquid fertilizer
  • Crabgrass Control
    • Our pre-emergent crabgrass product kills crabgrass as it grows
  • Disease & Fungus Control
    • Our expert technicians will treat for this at no extra charge
  • Grub Control
    • Grubs eat the roots of your grass. If you pull up on your grass and it comes up in clumps, you probably have grubs.  Grubs are food for moles, and left untreated, grubs become Japanese beetles!
  • Core Aeration
    • This loosens the soil so that fertilizer, water, and air can get to the root layers to promote a healthy lawn. 

With either of these programs you are ensuring specialized service with a program that is specific to your lawn’s need.  We guarantee professional work by skilled employees who can assess and treat problems as needed.  This professional lawn care service also improves your property value with a healthy, well maintained lawn.  We promise to be as convenient as possible with quality service delivered every week without you needing to pick up a tool or phone.  Easy monthly payments that are fixed and without hidden charges make sure to keep you happy.