Custom Landscape Design

Do you feel like your lawn is a lost cause?  This is where Lawn and Shrub, Inc. steps in and can wow you with not only our skill set, but our technology as well.

We now have digital imaging computer software that allows our customers to see a color photo of exactly what your finished landscape will look like.

The process is simple!  Once you give us a call and schedule an appointment, we will come and take a digital picture of the existing area.  We will then meet with you to find out what your wants and needs are for your lawn.  Whether it’s drainage issues, privacy, make areas safe for pets or kids, or just because you want it to be pretty, we want to hear what you end goal is! 

We will then take that picture back to our offices and create your vision in digital format to show you what the end result could look like.  From there, we will do all the work, from dropping in new plants, grass, trees, retaining walls and more!  You simply get to sit back and enjoy your new, beautifully landscaped lawn!

For more information on how LAWN and SHRUB, INC. can improve your landscape, contact us at (765) 589-3276.